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Klong Song Nam

The Klong Song Nam, which translates to River of the Two Waters, is located about 26 km from Ao Nang beach in Krabi and it is a small natural park.

When we talk about the river of the two waters, it means that the crystal clear fresh water of a river (Klong) mixes with the water of the sea. To be precise, it is a mangrove forest, where you are guided on a 1200-meter-long nature trail once around this natural phenomenon.

The special feature is the very clear water in the upper area of ​​the park, which shimmers in different shades of blue and green, depending on how much sunlight penetrates from above through the leaves.

Klong Song Nam Krabi

At the bottom of the trunks, the roots of the mangroves twist around each other like I have never seen before.

In Klong Song Nam you can swim as well

At one point of the park, not far from the entrance, there is a place where you can swim. There is also a ladder and a concrete platform from where you can easily get into the water.

Crystak ckear waters at the Klong Song Nam

Otherwise it is forbidden and there is a penalty of 500 Baht if you swim outside

On the way through the park, there are also several covered rest huts where you can just sit down and let the whole thing work on you.

How to get there

From Ao Nang you drive roughly in the direction of Tha Lane Beach or Sa Kaew Cave, but at the intersection behind the village of Ban Naisa (where you would have to turn left to Tha Lane Bay) continue straight until you come to a T-junction. There you turn left and after about 2 kilometers you already see the signs to the entrance of Klong Song Nam. Strictly speaking, the signs say Tha Pom Klong Song Nam.

From Ao Nang beach, it is less than 30 km by car or scooter. It took me about 30 minutes by scooter to get there.

On the way there or on the way back, you can also make a detour to Sra Kaeo Cave or the Long Klong Sa Kaeo River, which is almost directly on the way. For lunch, you could drive to Tha Lane Bay.