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Sra Kaew Cave, Krabi

On our last trip to the Klong Song Nam we made a detour on the way back to the Sra Kaeo Cave. Just to take some new pictures with the new camera.

At the Sra Kaeo Cave you'll find an impressive landscape with hollowed and washed-out rock walls and two small lakes (spring pools), whose water is a great contrast to the environment due to its turquoise color.

The two pools however, are connected by an underground and very deep cave system.

That's why the Sra Kaeo Cave is also a magnet for the international Cave Diver community. There are mainly divers from Phuket coming here to explore the cave system. A group of divers from Phuket was on the scene during our visit.

Sra Kaew Cave Krabi

If you walk from the two lakes to the right, a little bit into the wilderness after about 200 meters, you can find the remains of a village that once served as a movie set for the movie "Rescue Dawn". Note that this village was only set up for the movie so nobody ever leved here.

Some time ago there used to be an elephant camp but this has disappeared in the meantime.

How to get to Sra Kaew Cave

From Ao Nang Beach, drive first in the rough direction of Tha Lane Bay and Phuket to Ban Naisa for about 17 km. In the small village of Ban Naisa, turn right and after another 2 km the entrance to the area of Sra Kaew Cave is on your left hand side. YOu have to go on for another 500 meters an you'll arrive at the first of the two lakes. The 2nd one is only about 50 meter away.

Fortunately, there is no admission fee here. There are only a very few tourists come here mostly on their own scooter.