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Money Exchange & ATM Withdrawal

In addition to bringing cash or traveler's checks from home and exchanging for Thai money, withdrawing money from an ATM by credit card is the most popular way to get cash in Thailand.

However, exchange (cash) money can also be done at numerous stalls and bank branches in the tourist centers.

ATMs of various banks can be found at every corner in any tourist resorts in Ao Nang, Krabi and all over Thailand: In front of banks anyway, in front of supermarkets, in front of 7eleven shops and in the big shopping malls, such as Tesco or BigC in Krabi town.


All banks in Thailand now charge 220 Baht processing fee per transaction with foreign credit cards (as of December 2017). This fee will be added to the withdrawal amount. Thus, even supposed free credit cards are affected by this fee.

For most ATMs, you may withdraw 20,000 Baht per transaction. A few banks also allow 30,000 Baht. This limit is independent of the limit of your credit card. You may be able to withdraw this 20,000 Baht several times in a row until the daily limit of your credit card is reached.

ATM Macine in Krabi, Thailand

Tip to withdraw money at ATMs

It is best to use machines which are located directly in front of a bank branch or in department stores where a Scurity Guard stands next to it all day long. Also make sure that the machines have not been manipulated in any way.

Attachments in front of the card slot or deceptively real covered keyboards with another keyboard that records your PIN number or a small camera, vertically above the keyboard. These are the most common methods used by the "Scammers". This is not uncommon in Thailand and also in Krabi.

How to use the ATMs in Thailand

Slide the credit card into the machine as indicated, then select the language (English)

Next, the machine asks for the PIN number. For some machines, you must confirm this entry with the green Confirm key.

In the following menu you can choose between Withdrawal or Fast Cash. It is best to choose Fast Cash and in the next window the corresponding amount. Best 10,000 or 20,000 Baht.

After that, the machine will alert you to the extra charge of 220 Baht. Confirm with the green button!

Then the ATM spits out the money. Finally, you will be asked if you want a receipt. You can also confirm this and then get back (don't forget) your credit card.