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Movie Locations in Krabi

The breathtaking scenery of Ao Nang, Krabi and the surrounding area has attracted numerous film crews over the past 30-40 years, who have found a great backdrop for their movies here.

It all began in 1973 with the James Bond classic "The Man with the Golden Colt" starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. The film was filmed in Phang Nga Bay, north of Ao Nang, and the small island Khao Phing Kan (now James Bond Island), is still a tourist magnet that attracts hundreds of tourists every day. The same applies to the Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi, which became world famous through The Beach, with Leonardo di Caprio..

Many of the foreigners who have found a second home in Ao Nang, have played some supporting roles in some of the movies. I myself was a sailor on a prisoner ship in the film "Stranded" in 2001, which was a Hallmark production.

Cinema Movies with filming location Krabi & surrounding area

  • The Man With The Golden Gun (1973) with Roger Moore & Christopher Lee. Location: James Bond Island in der Phang Nga Bay
  • Men of War (1994) with Dolph Lundgren. Location: Ao Nang Beach between Last Fisherman Bar & Last Cafe, as well as around Koh Poda & Chicken Island.
  • Mortal Combat (1995) with Daniel Bernhardt (Ao Nang Beach)
  • Cutthroat Island (1995) with Geena Davis. Location: Chicken Island
  • The Phantom (1996) Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta- Jones. Location: Krabi
  • James Bond 007, Tomorrow Tever Dies with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond
    Location: Phang Nga Bay, around Koh Hong
  • Return to Paradise (1998) Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche ( A Long Way to Paradise )
  • The Beach (2000) Leonardo Di Caprio. Location: Maya Bay auf Koh Phi Phi Lee und Krabi Stadt
  • Stranded ( 2001 ) Liam Cunnigham, Brana Bajic, a Hallmark Production. Location: Ao Namao Beach.

The author of the website as a pirat in Stranded
Myself as a pirat in the movie "Stranded"

  • In 80 Days Around The World  (2002), with Jackie Chan. Location: A purpose built Chinese village near Ban Naisa
  • Mysterious Island ( 2004 ) Patrick Stewart & Kyle MacLachlan ( Hallmark Production )
    Location: Ao Nang
  • Rescue Dawn ( 2005 ) with Christian Bale. Location: Near Ban Naisa, ca. 300 Meter from Sra Kaeo Cave
  • Anthony Kaun Hai a Bolly Wood Produktion. Location: Ao Nang Beach
  • Treasure Island  (2006) with Vincent Rottiers & Michael Culkin. FTI (french. Produktion) Location: Ban Naisa, near Sra Kaeo Cave.
  • Die Schatzinsel ( 2007 ) a german TV production (Pro 7). Location: near Sra Kaew Cave, Ban Naisa
  • La Chute (2007) The story plays in Bali, Indonesia (französische Produktion)
  • Hangover 2: (2011) The scenes at the beginning and end of the film, with the wedding and campfire, were filmed at Phulay Bay Resort at Klong Muang Beach. The rest of the film was filmed in Bangkok and in the studio.
  • Klinik unter Planen (2013), a German TV production Location: Ao Namao, Near Fossil Shell Beach

For many of the films, the breathtaking scenery was simply the real movie backdrop. In some places there were small villages or "camps" of bamboo huts, which were then dismantled or decayed. It is therefore difficult to give precise information about the exact location of the setup. You would have to rummage on the spot with a guide who knows the locations exactly.