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Long Klong Sra Kaew

Swimming and Canoeing in the Jungle

At this point, I would also like to talk about a third "water based" attraction that we visited on our trip to Klong Song Nam a few days ago: Long Klong Sra Kaew.

The name of the place belongs to the Sra Kaew Cave, which is about 1 km further.

I'm not sure how long this place has been a tourist attraction but I did not notice it on previous visits to the Sra Kaew Cave.

The Amazon River Krabi

Long Klong Sra Kaew is a piece of jungle, obviously located on a river with crystal clear water where you can swim and canoe. There is a small jetty where you can rent the canoes with which one can paddle to the left straight into the jungle. This is called The Amazon River Krabi.

Klong Sra Kaew

When you arrive at the water looking to the right is the swimming area where you can swim about 300 meters in the jungle. Unfortunately, I didn't bring any swimwear but I was allowed to take some pictures without paying admission.

Swimming area at Klong Sra Kaew

At the front entrance there is a small stall where you have to pay the 80 Baht entrance fee, a few food and beverage stalls and a parking lot under shady trees.

Unfortunately, this again is one of the places where the locals (Thais) have to pay only a fraction of the tourist admission fees: 20 Baht for adults 10 Baht for children. Foreigners pay 80/40 baht (see sign).

Admission Fees at Klong Sra Kaew

Canoeing in the Jungle

If you want to go with the canoes, it costs 170 Baht for the one seater and 300 Baht for a two-seater canoe. Everything a bit too expensive, I think. Thais probably pay half again, but I'm not sure.

During our short visit, no other tourists were on site. Only a few Thai teenagers came for a swim.

Getting There

From Ao Nang, follow the highway 4034 along, until the village of Ban Naisa. This is the same street you't have to take to get to Tha Lane Beach, Klong Song Nam or Phuket. In the village of Ban Naisa, turn right in the direction of Sra Kaew Cave and after about 1 km, turn left on a small forest road to Long Klong Sra Kaew. It is exactly 18 km from Ao Nang beach.