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Island Hopping from Ao Nang & Railay

Krabi has the most spectacular scenery in all of Thailand. With it's many islands off shore and the stunning coastline, it's nice to spend a day or two, island hopping to Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Koh Hong or even the world famous Phi Phi Islands.

Ao Nang and Railay Beach are the ideal get away to island hopping tours in the region. No need to bargain with the Long Tail Boat drivers anymore, they are now selling tickets for your desired trip near the beach front in Ao Nang.

Four or Five Islands Tour

The Four or Five Island Tour consist of boat trips to the local islands like Koh Poda, Chicken Island, Koh Ya Wa Sam, Koh Si & Koh Ha and some operators will also take you to neighboring Railay Beach, which is not actually an island.

From Railay Beach you may also cross over by a short walk to Railay East and Phra Nang Beach, which was also considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, some years ago. Also located at Phra Nang Beach is the Princes Cave, used by locals for spiritual ceremonies.

Koh Hong

Beach on Koh Hong, Krabi, Thailand
Beach view on Koh Hong, Krabi, Thailand

The word "Hong" in Koh Hong, translates to "room" in English. And indeed, the Island Koh Hong has a room inside, which means that the island is hollow!

In the center of the island there is an enclosed lagoon with shallow, turquoise waters. There is a small entrance through the rocks, so that the Longtail Boats can enter the lagoon.

You should go there at high tide to make sure that the boat can go deep inside this "room" for a spectacular view.

On the outside of Koh Hong, you will find two fantastic beaches, which are ideal for a BBQ on the beach and snorkeling over the near by coral reef.

Phi Phi Islands

I would also recommend to make a full day trip to the world famous Phi Phi Islands from Ao Nang or Railay. The Phi Phi Islands consist of two bigger islands, namely Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Lee and some smaller islands, like Koh Bida Nai and Koh Bida Nok, which are excellent for diving and snorkeling. Only the island of Koh Phi Phi Don is inhabited and has also some hotels and bungalow resorts.

At Koh Phi Phi Lee you should visit Maya Bay, where the movie "The Beach" was shot, as well as the Viking Cave and the Lo Sama Bay for snorkeling. The daily tour boat from Ao Nang, the Ao Nang Princess, will make a round trip around Phi Phi Lee, before heading back to Ao Nang in the afternoon.

The trip by tour boat takes about one hour and a half one way and starts at 9 am every day during the season from Ao Nang.