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Hot Springs & Emerald Pools

Another tourist attraction in Krabi province are the Hot Springs and the nearby Crystal Pools or Emerald Pools.

The two nature attractions are located in a very water and source-rich nature reserve near the village Klong Tom, about 60 km south of Krabi town, on the main road in the direction of Trang.

In Klong Tom you have to turn right and follow the signs to the Hot Springs.

You may do the tour on your own, with a rented car or scooter or as an organized tour through a tour operator. Tours to the Hot Springs & Emerald Pool are offered from Ao Nang, Krabi Town or Koh Lanta.

Krabi Hot Springs

The Hot Springs consists of a small river that emerges from the undergrowth and flows through a few cascades and a small waterfall into a larger and cold river. On the small section of about 50 meters before the stream enters the cold river, you can go swimming in the small pools. The water has a temperature of about 40° C.

Hot Springs in Krabi
Hot Springs in Klong Tom, Krabi

Emerald or Crystal Pools

A few kilometers from the hot springs, there are the Crystal Pools, also in the middle of the forest. The Crystal Pools consist of a headwater with really crystal clear and cold water, which collects here in some larger and smaller pools, where you can take a refreshing bath.

Emerald Pools in Krabi Swimming in the Emerald or Crystal Pools

You should also take a walk here through a small, natural park, where there are plenty of other small lakes that shimmer in different colors.

A trip to the Crystal Pools, however, has a catch: The park area was declared a National Park several years ago and that means a usury entry of 400, - Baht per foreigner and only 40, - Baht for locals. If you are traveling with a family, it can be really expensive.

If you come here on your own, try to get there as early as possible as it will be crowded later on...