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Than Bok Khorani National Park, Ao Luk

When we talk about a "national park", we'll always think of something bigger. Names like the Yellowstone National Park in the USA or the Serengeti National Park in Africa are on everyone's lips.

But a National Park may be much smaller, as you can see in Thailand at Than Bok Khorani National Park at Ao Luk.

Here is a small park, where a small river flows out of a cave in the rocky mountains and flows through several cascades and mini-waterfalls through the park.

The river that comes out of the mountain

The river comes out of the cave at Than Bol Khorani National Park near Ao Luk

The park offers a nice, shady place to stay. In the most upper basin, where the water comes out of the cave, you can even go swimming and swim into the cave. A restaurant and a few picnic huts for local tourists are also on site.

Unfortunately, the fact that this park has been declared a national park means that foreigners have to pay the obligatory 400 Baht entrance fee, which I think is too much for this park.

The river flows through the park

Getting There

The village of Ao Luk (Ao Luek) is located along the National Road 4 from Krabi to Phang Nga and Phuket, about 50 km from Ao Nang or 40 km from Krabi Town and also serves as a stopover on several tours, such as James Bond Island Tour, a trip to Phuket or a temple tour.

Ao Luk is the nearest major town on the road, seen from Krabi. Right in the middle of Ao Luk, at the top of the hill is a large intersection, where you have to turn left (comming from Krabi). After just another kilometer you'll find the entrance to the Than Bok Khorani National Park at your left hand side.